Guaranteed Rent

We take the responsibility and give you the security.

Guaranteed rent is a simple and straight forward service where our experienced team will take on the pressure of managing your rental on your behalf at no cost to you.

Many landlords prefer tenants who are professionals. The good news is that we become your professional tenants. You will only deal with us. We guarantee that you receive a competitive fixed monthly amount on a monthly basis regardless of whether your property is occupied or not. This means NO VOIDS !!!!!

By using our extensive experience, we will ensure your property is maintained at a lovely living standard. Right tenants will be chosen to live in your property and they will have a pleasant stay with like-mind flatmates.

0% Commission

We do not charge commission fees

We do not charge management fees

We do not charge administrations fees

We do not hide extra charges anywhere

You get full rent from us with no deductions

Free Maintenance

Inspection every three months

24/7 maintenance service

Organising gas certificate

Organising electricity certificate

Bespoke service

If you don’t want to consider our Guaranteed Rent service, we can offer you a different approach. Give us a call and we will offer you the best service related to your profile:

Let Only

We will find you the tenants, but you will be responsible to manage the property directly.

Rent Collection

We will find you the tenants and collect the monthly income for you. You have only to care about general maintenance of the property.

Fully Managed

We will find you the tenants and deal with them directly for any maintenance issue, deducting our fee from your monthly income. Please note this is different from Guaranteed Rent as you will still take Void risks.

Let us find your perfect accommodation.